Work Outfit Ideas: Fall Edition

We’ve come up with 5 fall work outfit ideas to make your work week a little more stylish

We all know that one of the best things about the autumn season is the fall fashion! From boots to oversized sweaters, there’s nothing that we don’t love about fashion this time of year. But when seasons quickly change, our outfits have to too, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the change of fashion the seasons bring.

We’ve come up with 5 fall work outfit ideas to make your work week a little less hectic and a little more stylish:


Monday means business, and so do blazers. As the first day of the workweek, your style should start off strong so it can carry on throughout the week. Nothing says, “I mean business” than a stylish blazer. A beige blazer is not only a strong staple piece but it also resembles one of nature’s beautiful fall foliage colours.


Dedicate your Tuesdays to a great pair of trousers. A pair of salt and pepper grey trousers are definitely fall fashion-forward. Also, pairing your trousers can be as easy as wearing a black sweater or white blouse. Make Tuesdays a breeze with trousers.

seasonal pattern

Fall colours like burgundy, green, and orange are great to incorporate into your fall work wardrobe. Try finding a blouse with a fun fall coloured pattern to layer under a simple sweater! Fall-inspired fashion, viola!


Just because it’s fall that doesn’t mean you can’t get away with wearing skirts and dresses to work. There are a lot of skirts and dresses warm enough for the chilly fall that are also work-appropriate. Also, the way in which you style them is crucial. Think about adding some fall accessories’ like scarves, vests, and black pantyhose to add to the fall-inspired look.


Friday is the best day of the workweek because you can usually get away with wearing a more laid back outfit to work like a big cozy sweater. Think about pairing your sweater with a great pair of black pants or a pleather jacket to make it look a little more sophisticated.

We hope that you fall head-over-heels with these fall inspired work outfits as much as we did.

Happy fall,

Alison Gordon Studio

By: Karolina Jalowska

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