8 Fun Ways to Use Your Notebook



You’d be surprised how many creative ways there are to use your notebooks that go beyond taking notes. Put them to good use with these 8 fun ways to use your notebooks and never find yourself with blank pages again!

1. A To-Do List

Turning your notebook into a handy-dandy book of ‘to-do’s’ is a helpful way to use your notebook and get things done!12821-to-do-list.1200w.tn

2. A Diary

Writing down your thoughts and interesting things that happen in your life is a great way to use your notebook. One day you will be able to look back at and reminisce.

3. A Book for Doodling

Instead of scramming to find pieces of paper and accidentally doodling on something important, have a notebook specifically used for doodles.

4. A Notebook of Recipes

Use your notebook for recipe keeping. One day you might be in need of a good recipe and you’ll know just where to look!

5. A Book of Goals

Writing down and brainstorming a list of goals is a beneficial way to use your notebook that will keep you motivated.

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6. A Creative Writing Notebook

Have you ever had a cool idea for a story or poem but forgot it because you didn’t write it down? Think about using your notebook for a place to write all of your creative story ideas and poems.

7. A Scrapbook Notebook

Have a place to put all your keepsakes by using your notebook as a scrapbook. From concert tickets to photos, there are lots of things you can store in your notebook!

8. A Motivational Quotes Book

Having a place to go to when you’re in dire need of inspiration is easy when you have a motivational quotes book. Fill your notebook with your favourite quotes and use the book for a daily dose of positivity.


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Marble Girl Pwr Mini Notebook
intelligence journal
Intelligence is Always Beautiful

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By: Karolina Jalowska

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