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How To: Choose The Perfect Frame For Your Art Prints

The secret to choosing the perfect frames for your art prints is all about choosing frames that suit the décor in your home. Take a look around your home to determine what theme your décor falls under and then choose a frame that suits it best! Framing is easy when you follow our advice.

Here are four home décor looks and the frames that match:


If your home décor has a modern feel then minimalism is the way to go for your frames. Glass frames with white, silver, gold or black borders are best because they are simple and place more emphasis on the art print than the frame itself.



A home decorated with vintage art pieces is best suited for antique frames that are great for classic art prints such as portraits, nature scenery, and famous paintings like Vincent van Gogh’s, “Starry Night.” Antique frames have intricate detail and have a Victorian feel to them.


Rustic Chic:

Rustic frames are great for chic homes, beach homes, and cottages.  Rustic frames have wooden borders and can be pastel coloured. These frames are also well suited for art prints of the outdoors.


Fun and Funky:

You can have a lot of fun with frames if you’re all about funky home décor. From multi-coloured frames to different design patterns there are so many fun frames to choose from. Frames with bold colours are also great for funky homes!


Perfect your framing skills with our advice and never find yourself struggling while choosing frames again. After all, framing can be just as fun as choosing the art prints!

happy framing

Alison Gordon Studio

By: Karolina Jalowska

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