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A fashionista’s guide to gift giving

If you’re a fashionista trying to uphold your awesome gift giving reputation then I’d recommend giving the following gift ideas a go

Choosing the perfect gift isn’t easy, especially when you don’t know the person that will be receiving the gift too well or they have a reputation of being picky. Believe it or not, there are great universal and fashion-forward gifts that you can’t go wrong giving. If you’re a fashionista trying to uphold your awesome gift giving reputation then I’d recommend giving the following gift ideas a go:


1. Accessories

Whether or not you choose the perfect accessory for someone is one thing, but the best thing about accessories is that they can be worn and styled however! Take a scarf for example, if someone doesn’t normally wear scarves, who’s to say that they can’t turn the scarf into a shawl or an accessory for their purse? If they do like scarves, then they have the freedom to style it however they please! Accessories can be worn multiple ways so even if you don’t choose the perfect one, they will find a way to put it into fashionable use.

Alison Gordon Studio, J’adore Scarf, $160

Rebecca Minkoff, Darren Top Hand Flap Crossbody, $325

2. Stationery Items

Stationery items are great because they are practical since everyone uses them. Whether they are used at work or at home, items like notepads and calendars are must-haves. You can also have fun giving stationery items because there are many themed stationery products out there that reflect the person you’re giving it to! From girly notebooks to humorous shit-to-do notepads, there are stationery items for every personality.

Alison Gordon Studio, Shit-to-do List, $12

Alison Gordon Studio, Actually I Can Notebook, $14

Alison Gordon Studio, Nevertheless She Persisted Mini Notebook, $8

3. Candles & Home Décor

I’d be surprised if the person you’re gift hunting for doesn’t like candles, I mean, have they even smelt Mahogany from Bath and Body Works?! Regardless of whether or not you know if someone like candles, you can’t go wrong giving them as a gift because they also double as home décor! Candles look great on bedroom nightstands and living room shelves so there is always a place for them. They are also great because they don’t take up too much space!

Home décor items are also good gifts to give. Items like art prints can feel personalized because you get to choose the print for the person you are giving it to. Even if the art print doesn’t end up matching the receiver’s home or style, they can always find a use for it in the guest bedroom, office, or bathroom. The thought put into choosing the art print will definitely count for something.

Capri Blue Burnished Candle, $18-30

West Elm, Felt Wall Art, $349

Alison Gordon Studio, Fashion Avenue, $10-$20

Greeting Cards

Although a greeting card should always be included with your gift, sometimes the card becomes the gift when you’ve simply run out of time to go out and purchase a present. If you’re giving someone a card then make sure it’s reflective of the person you are giving it to because it shows that you put some time and effort into choosing it! Also, try to think of something thoughtful to write inside the card because kind words are priceless.

Alison Gordon Studio, Greeting Cards, $4.50

Gift giving doesn’t have to be difficult. Try using some of our tips the next time you’re struggling to find a gift for someone and who knows, maybe you’ll just find the perfect one.

Happy gift giving fashionistas,

Alison Gordon Studio

By: Karolina Jalowska

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