Alison Gordon Studio: A look on the inside

How should I decorate my living room? What birthday card do I get my best friend? How do I keep my planner organized? What should I write in my boyfriend's anniversary card? Where can I get fashion-forward stationery items and art prints?

These are all questions we’ve heard ourselves asking at least once or twice, and found ourselves endlessly searching the web for answers with no luck. We are already so busy, constantly shuffling between balancing our jobs, relationships, and everything else life throws at you, and sometimes, we all could use a little help, guidance, and yes, some answers!

That’s where we come in. Alison Gordon Studio is thrilled to introduce and welcome you to our new blog with the answers you’re looking for. After much demand, we have decided to create this blog to share our story, business, and insight with you. We are on a stationery mission to provide you with an inside look at our studio. We want to share everything from behind the scenes, tips and tricks, everyday guides, decorating advice, our new products, and much more. But before we get started, we would like to introduce ourselves to our new readers and re-introduce ourselves to those of you who’ve been here all along.

Alison Gordon Studio is a stationery business that opened its freelance doors in Autumn 2014. It began with Alison’s love for illustration and passion for graphic design. To many a surprise, Gordon is not Alison’s surname, rather she combined her father’s first name with her own, following his passing in November 2014. Alison’s father is the reason she decided to pursue her dream and she loves to carry his name with her always.

In Summer 2015, Alison launched her very first collection in New York, which was the beginning of something great. Her collection of stationery products hit stores internationally. Now almost two years later, Alison has over 150 stores carrying her selection of art and stationery items. Alison’s items have been featured on the cover of gifts magazine, Stationery Trends, Breakfast Television, and can be found at large retailers like Indigo and Chapters!

We have a lot in store for you and we can’t wait to share everything there is to stationery loving! Stay tuned because our next blog post is on its way.

Love always,

Alison Gordon Studio

By: Karolina Jalowska

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